Friday, March 27, 2009

The Book of Drewsus Podcast - Episode One

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Mind your ears--this first was was a little rough--but I'll get the kinks worked out and then it will be nothing but blissful eargasms into the hereafter.


Cal Expose

So tent city in my old stomping grounds in Sacramento is being moved to Cal Expo. What does it all mean? I dunno--but it can't be good. With all these whispers over FEMA camps it has to make you wonder--what in the fuck is going on in this stupid country? I'm really trying to rub some brain cells together and look at the bright side of all this. Truth is, things are getting weird--my brain is wired for the weird so I know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm listening to too much Alex Jones and I pray that I am wrong...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is why I like Britain. You can stand up in Parliament and hand the PM his ass in front of all the elected officials. Imagine if a freshman in Congress stood up and slammed Obama in the House and all our silvery leader, made of Pittsburgh steel and unicorn blood, could do was sit there and drink in such vitriol like the Mad Hater at a tea party.

Now he's a Fox News darling (shock! awe!) because he has grit and balls--two things the Republicans don't have. Plus, he's foreign--so nobody in our country knows who he is. I love how this shit blows up in the network's face, though. In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Daniel Hannan said out of all the people that ran for president, he would have voted for Ron Paul if he was a citizen. Cavuto has this huge look of surprise on his fat fuggin' soup cooler when he said that. Let us rewind the big Fox machine to the Fall of '07.

Fox has clearly lost it's way, and rightfully so. They have no identity and they are desperately clinging to relevancy that wasn't really there to begin with. Now they have dudes like Glen Beck (who cribs Alex Jones and dumbs it down for all the apparent Kindergartners who watch his afternoon show), who is about as informative as a dixie cup. Now that Murdoch and company are starting to see the Libertarian movement come out of the woodwork with all these potheads and anti-theists (in same cases, all three of these qualities exist in a once silent majority), he's starting to see a movement--which means money in the of salvation for his network as it slowly ozzes to center-right with a format flip.

I'm not letting these hypocrites get off so easy.

Utopia Gardens.

Speaking of gardens--my mom, in her conspiracy-possessed paranoia put the pressure on the old man to use his ag pedagogy and free time to create a masterpiece. At least I'll have somewhere to go when the police state descends.

Come get me coppers! I'll be the one in a hemp onesy, shooting blowdarts dipped in brown recluse poison your way--all to the tune of Mastodon's new album.

We aren't the hippies of old--pushing daisies down your gun barrels. We grew up on heavy metal and G.I. Joe. My generation is the sleeping dragon and the curtain is being drawn on hibernation season.

We are neo-hippies!

Shitty Bank.

I thought they were losing money by the millions--yet they have money to lone me as a form of credit. I may be moneytarded, but even I find this ridiculous.

I ripped it up and threw it in the trash after this picture was taken. Credit is a ghost that haunts our souls, unseen yet felt. I'm gonna move into tent city at Cal Expo--bath in the American River and grow a utopia garden.

We don't have to live the lives they make us...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I'll always remember Maston's 2009 album, "Crack the Skye"--the day I saw a dog get obliterated by a big ass Ford F-350 on 198 near Uncle Dave's.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jaws in Life

Quick post. This is an old skool Jaws pic--circa 1980-82?--from the Universal Lot tour near Hollywood. It's so neat to see unrealistic animatronics--it adds to the mystique of how fake things like this are. It's kind of like that scene in "Stand By Me" where the kids see that the dog Chopper (SICK BALLS!) isn't what the urban legend promised it to be. You can see why this chick is scared in the video below--even though she knows the fish isn't real.

PS- For the few of you that read this blog, thank you. If I don't know you personally--thank you more. I have some irons in the fire--my creative group, Sardonikus Rexicon, will be collaborating using individual blogs which will lead to podcasts and maybe some video in the future. So if you like this vibe, check out the blog links listed in the side bar that I had dubbed "sardonikus blogikon." These guys are my compatriots and they need the support to christen this pirate ship. So stick with us and tell a friend if you're a fan of creative fiction on the vanguard of stretching the written word beyond mere pages in a book. Hit me up on Facebook and leave me a note--tell me that "Sardonikus Rules!" and I'll add you.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Truth About Cows

I'm trying to make sense of it all...

Is it just me--or has this country gone collectively insane. I feel as if that zombies with telepathy have taken our brains hostage since Nixon was sworn in and that our parents are the new Grunge rockers when it comes to money. This makes sense to only me.

My question is...why in the fuck should I care anymore. Notice that was a statement? I dunno, the weirdness that is these days of Obama is hard to process. What is good and what is bad? Vice-versa? Those were intended to be questions.

I think we're heading towards a golden age, myself. A world were health care is free, fruits and vegetables are more readily available than crack-cocaine, heavy metal is taught in schools, people rider bikes instead of Hummers, Trader Joe's is the number one retailer (and they start selling pot), and people ingest Sardonikis stories via their iPods.

I don't mean to get all hippie on you, my darling guppies--but someone must. It's time to wake-up from this dystopian slumber and look at the Brave New World right in its beady third eye and spit in it.