Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Podcast: Giant Lake Bear

In today's best of times/worst of times, I recount the best year in Drewsus sports historics, lament our society's laissez-faire attitude towards Wilkileaks and I review the first film my eyes have ever beholden in IMAX celuloid, Tron: Legacy. Just give me the damn ball!!!

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The Mercurian Swing Man doing his thang!

The Beard and the Freak: The New Odd Couple

Potentially Farve's last stand.

Tron 2.0

This thing is called a "Recognizer."

Musical Guest: The Black Crowes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Podcast: Martyrs of Truth

In today's total eclipse of the heart, I chat with my workbuddy Thalia--we talk about photography and Black Swan *spoilers*. I also talk about seeing an episode of Craig Ferguson, the great film directors of this generation, Wikileaks and the great fantasy films of the early 80's. Make hay and press play...

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Thalia in her natural habitat.
LO'L and I saw the Lord of Late Night.
Tour de Force
Delorian parked in front of 24.
Changing our reality as we speak...

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Julian Assange's Old Skool Blog:

Ferguson's hack warm-up act, Chunky B:

Musical Guest: Scissor Sisters