Monday, April 25, 2011

Podcast: Bear's Son Tale

In today's symphony of destruction, I discuss the new AMC gem "The Killing," my anger after seeing "Inside Job" and my growing dissatisfaction with giving a fuck as a result. I also consciously-stream thoughts on my novel-in-waiting, the NBA playoffs, documentary suggestions, Jim Croce and a mysterious masked-wrestler. Snap into a Slim Jim...

Inside Job
The Killing
Dead Bears
Musical Guest: Foster the People

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Podcast: No Worries

New format. A DJ style podcast where I take the show on the road and talk about Taco Bell's faux food, Batman's sell out period, a horrible Rush Limbaugh impersonation, World War Z, the younger generation's acceptance of micro-chipping and Facebook/Google's plan to retire humanity, Barry Zito and the delusion that children have about becoming a freakin' bad. When this podcast hits 88 mph, yer gonna hear some serious shit.

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Musical Guests:

Royal Bangs - Fireball
Cold War Kids - Sensitive Kid
Yuck - Suck