Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happiness is a Fish you CAN catch off the banks of the Jersey Shore

Happiness is a silly thing. It's not just this thing that happens for us in spite of everything else. I think we co-create happiness, just as we can co-create our own bitterness, dread and need to watch Jersey Shore in spite of our best intentions.

Speaking of the exploits of Ronnie, J-Woww, Sammie "The Sweetheart," Vinny, Ronnie, Snookie, Pauly D, Angelina and the Situation himself--I fuckin' love this show. The reason I love this show is because I thought I wouldn't. I thought it was low culture pulp. I was wrong. The kids on JS are A) a lot smarter than I initially thought B) have character C) are hardworking and D) have no grand illusions of their celebrity, which makes them borderline brilliant--or whoever is handling them is a genius.

I would explain myself more, but I'm tired, but enjoy this little youtube ditty I found of Michael Cera getting turned into a Guido by the cast of JS.