Sunday, January 11, 2009

Easy, Tiger!

So here we go again, 2009--the year it all goes down--when the old faces rot and make way for the trail blazing fresh faces that have been waiting in the dark wings of gargoyls blinks their reptilian wings at the full moon that get closer and closer each year...

Do you ever feel like you're playing a game you can never win? Do you ever feel like the game is fixed in such a way that the winner is always predetermined without your knowledge, thus making you the loser in the end?

...I used to think that way.

I woke up in 2009--fully aware of the scams and schemes set up but the primordial lizards that shift in the night, awaken in the morning to a power suit and a few lines of pure, stepped-on china white. These chemicals, they rise in us, boil our brains with popping acid and we are the puppets on parade.

I think that my brain has flipped poles, like the earth might in 2012. My brain controls the world, unconsciously. I see the cracks in the paintings, I see the designs of ancients tribes flashing in my eyes as I sleep and lucidly manipulate the world inside my brain. How is waking life any different?

I won't play the game anymore, bygod. I phoning in for a bail out. I'm heading for a new astral travel, to usurp the Prussian czar in charge of this wormhole. This only makes sense to me...

...and I like it!

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