Monday, April 13, 2009

Tea Baggin'

I can't not talk about the tea parties in this weeks podcast--people collectively losing their minds in a mob setting. This just shows you how unorganized the opposition to Obama is...they can't even agree on a platform and then some raving a-hole is given the floor and talks about how college professors are poisoning their kids brains and them some single-celled organism shouts out "Burn the books!" Watch the video and make up your own mind.

I'd love to have a public debate with this asshole about the merits of brainswashing at the college level. I guarantee I would shred him.

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click said...

Wow... Some people are a little more than bizarre. The only brainwashing I got at college was my love for literature and a realization that films nowadays have turned to crap compared to the films of yesteryear.

That aside, no worries on not answering my questions last podcast, you still addressed them, and I'm actually off to write you an email as a follow up to the new cast and all the CHUD going on in this world.