Thursday, May 21, 2009

Social Crime

Yet another blog from the days of yore...this time from October 12, 2006

Hanging at the Town and Country plaza the other day, found a quite bench near some ill-frequented businesses, a good place to get some quality reading done before my work shift started. There was this kid hanging out outside, looking bored up to his gills, no doubt waiting for his mother in the beauty shop. I was watching him for awhile, he kept going in and out of the car, listening to the radio and what not. Eventually he took his lazy beagle for a walk--at least he tried....the dog was fighting him tooth and nail. I felt bad for the kid, it reminded me of similar situations I found myself in when I was his age--waiting for Mom, I wanted to put my arm around him and tell him, "This is only the beginning kid, you're gonna be waiting on girls a lot in your lifetime."

All the sudden a FedEx truck comes roaring around the bend in the park lot in front of the beauty shop--skidding on the pavement to a full stop--followed by a tapestry of obscenity.

"You mutherfucker--look where you're going cocksucker--I have no room here you fucking road hog. You're lucky you didn't hit me cocksucker, I would own you. You hear me mutherfucker, OWN YOU! Watch where the fuck you are going next time you cunt!" Then a middle-aged bastard-of-a-man comes speeding through the parking lot on a motorcycle. I looked over at junior, he heard the entire tirade.

It reminded me of that part in "Catcher in the Rye," where Holden finds the "Fuck You" written in the banister and reflects on how the person who did such a thing is human scum--robbing children of just a little bit of their innocence by defacing their world with such a harsh adult word.

I'd like to think that the dude on the bike wasn't aware there was a child around when he went on his verbal assault of the FedEx driver--I can sympathize with the fact that he was almost hit by the truck--but still conduct yourself in public you ass. The sad thing is, like Holden, I saw the innocence robbed from a child--while the real perpetrator was none-the-wiser to his social crime.

I'm always the middle man.....

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