Friday, October 22, 2010

Bully, Halloween, and the Last Gasp of Rock N’ Roll (MySpace 10.22.06)

Got Bully the other day, the game is awesome and all the pundits attacking it saying that it will influence children to induce debauchery in schools across the country. Mark Foley is more evil than Bully, so shut the fuck up pundits. I like the game because it's a story, it's like an interactive "Catcher in the Rye" and the Halloween stage is a blast.

Speaking of All Hallows, my favorite John Carpenter flick of the same name is on AMC as I blog this. I love the holiday as many of you know. Like Ministry said, I wish everyday was Halloween." Think how much fun it would be, all the girls in sexy outfits, sex and candy—there would be some cons—it would be hard to identify serial killers if every day were Halloween—so I guess my idea really sucks.

I downloaded the new Deftones and Trail of Dead albums, both are pretty good, but I can't help to think that 10/19/06 was the day I heard rock die. I say this because these groups are my favorites and I can sense both records will be both group's last. And nothing new is good anymore, when "Panic at the Shitsco" is the best the kids can come up with—it's all over! Everything is over!

One of these days I'll grow up and quit listening to all the new bands, quit playing video games and day dream about a Halloween utopia….but until the, I'll enjoy my time as an overgrown child. In two years, I'll be 31 and have my master's in CR….I'll grow up then. Deal Drew?


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