Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Pock on Your Lips

I’m a believer in the modern theory of the Apocalypse. Now, you may ask what this modern theory is? Well, I think it’s a state of mind that is perpetuated throughout the annals of modern media. Apocalypse isn’t the end of days per se—but the promise that the downward waterslide we’re all on will pay off…someday. Apocalypse today is slow as molasses, doom at a snail’s crawl. Where death by a blinding light isn’t an instant realization before the meteorite hits the ground and vaporizes us all— instead it’s an inevitable turn of events—a time when we say, collectively, “so this is it, seems too late.”

Will it get better? Will the masses usurp the media and bring the balance back to those who truly have it? I think so. More the point, I hope so. Darkness leads to light…

…and vice versa.

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