Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get it on, Ace Man!!

Dear Rotten Denmark,

I'm a heap--a heap of tears, I tell ya! The Ace Man has been ousted from the terrestrial airwaves, rather suddenly. I learned about it on Wednesday--the economic downturn has affected my favorite morning radio show, The Adam Carolla Show is no more.

Those of you that know me, know that I don't obsess about much outside the realm of Pink Floyd and Bret Ellis novels. Another thing that I obsess about is the radio career of one Adam Lakers Carolla. He is by far the smartest voice in radio...and maybe the world.

But fear not, RD--the Ace Man has a plan B. Starting this Monday, his first podcast will be available at and I encourage everyone from the sound of my voice to give it a listen.

I felt I had to do my part--to extend the olive branch, if you will--to you, the little people, my fair readers. There are few sane voices left in this downward spiral we call America. I find hope in humor, not a stimulus package that will redefine socialistic pedagogy.

Get it on indeed!

Your humble narrator,


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