Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As the adamantium trax of the robotic death machine crushes the skulls of the human race, we survivors will all look back to early July 2011 and remember when the + entered the equation. Google+ is supposed to be revolutionary, a social networking interface that takes your existing Facebook 'friends' and populates them into your + account. I've heard that the robotic minds at Google are 'perfecting' the social network experience by allowing users to create social groups so that you can brag about seeing the trailer to the new Batman movie at Comic Con without your mom asking when you will stop with the silliness and get in the business of pushing out a mutant that looks half like you so that she can feel fulfilled in some way.

Or maybe this is just me.

In this case, maybe this new Google platform is a good thing. I often times have people commenting on FB status updates that really have no business doing so. I've had girls I went to high school with say I talk about sports too much. Tuff shit, sugar tits. I like sports. Always have, always will. To me, it makes more sense than the political sewer in Washington and the turds Hollywood churns out these strange days Jim Morrison warned us about. All I'm saying is that I think G+ is a grand idea; a social networking system that takes bits and pieces of the best things of the social networking experience and perfecting it. And if Mark loses a few scheckles because of it--it was because he couldn't hang with what will ultimately become Skynet. He's still a billionaire, opportunistic douche-nozzle that looks like he'd be more comfortable throwing babies in a bonfire at Bohemian Grove than hanging out with you.

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