Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Big Wish

The powers think they run the Internet. The people that really run the Internet will soon give them the keys and explain nothing. There would be a noticeable glitch in the webnets. Shit will get fucked up and the government would show just how limited they are as they beg the forefathers of the Internet to take them back. But during this downtime, the forefathers don’t rest on their laurels, as they perfect the Internet and publicly made politicians hand the keys back, symbolically, as the Internet will then take over the American fiber optics. 

This might be what the 2012 event is, the moment the Internet takes over. That would be a day, wouldn't it? Maybe a meme high jacks the prez election and the Internet releases their candidate for the newly patented "Internet Party:" Texas Congressman/oxygenarian curmudgeon, Ron Paul. The forefathers force the courts to rule on a new patented voting machine, based on server tally. The rules and regs are drawn up and endorsed by the Repubs (payouts) and the Dems (hookers/prescription medication). The courts will rule it a constitutional change to American democracy. Voting will go up 37%, the electorate college will be broken-up and super delegates will go back to work at local used car sales floors in Lansing, Michigan. 

Paul will win in a landslide. Fleet wood Mac and Billy Corgan will sing “Landslide” at the victory party, hosted by Jon Stewart. A new baby boom dawns.

If we can imagine it, we can change it.

Paul/Stewart '12

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