Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is why I like Britain. You can stand up in Parliament and hand the PM his ass in front of all the elected officials. Imagine if a freshman in Congress stood up and slammed Obama in the House and all our silvery leader, made of Pittsburgh steel and unicorn blood, could do was sit there and drink in such vitriol like the Mad Hater at a tea party.

Now he's a Fox News darling (shock! awe!) because he has grit and balls--two things the Republicans don't have. Plus, he's foreign--so nobody in our country knows who he is. I love how this shit blows up in the network's face, though. In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Daniel Hannan said out of all the people that ran for president, he would have voted for Ron Paul if he was a citizen. Cavuto has this huge look of surprise on his fat fuggin' soup cooler when he said that. Let us rewind the big Fox machine to the Fall of '07.

Fox has clearly lost it's way, and rightfully so. They have no identity and they are desperately clinging to relevancy that wasn't really there to begin with. Now they have dudes like Glen Beck (who cribs Alex Jones and dumbs it down for all the apparent Kindergartners who watch his afternoon show), who is about as informative as a dixie cup. Now that Murdoch and company are starting to see the Libertarian movement come out of the woodwork with all these potheads and anti-theists (in same cases, all three of these qualities exist in a once silent majority), he's starting to see a movement--which means money in the of salvation for his network as it slowly ozzes to center-right with a format flip.

I'm not letting these hypocrites get off so easy.

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