Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Truth About Cows

I'm trying to make sense of it all...

Is it just me--or has this country gone collectively insane. I feel as if that zombies with telepathy have taken our brains hostage since Nixon was sworn in and that our parents are the new Grunge rockers when it comes to money. This makes sense to only me.

My question is...why in the fuck should I care anymore. Notice that was a statement? I dunno, the weirdness that is these days of Obama is hard to process. What is good and what is bad? Vice-versa? Those were intended to be questions.

I think we're heading towards a golden age, myself. A world were health care is free, fruits and vegetables are more readily available than crack-cocaine, heavy metal is taught in schools, people rider bikes instead of Hummers, Trader Joe's is the number one retailer (and they start selling pot), and people ingest Sardonikis stories via their iPods.

I don't mean to get all hippie on you, my darling guppies--but someone must. It's time to wake-up from this dystopian slumber and look at the Brave New World right in its beady third eye and spit in it.

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