Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Devil in Utah (7.19.05)

I am now a cornholing (er...sorry cornhusking) Nebraskian. We got in Friday late, loosing a day on the road cuz some hot rod Mormon decided to rear end my U-Haul trailer in the deadly salt flats of Utah, just a half-hour away from Salt Lake City. It's amazing how time slows down when one is suddenly jarred to attention by a searing jolt and one looks back to see one's possessions flying in one direction, a Ford Sedan in the other.

After four hours of surnburning and dealing with Utah Troopers and tow truck drivers (one of which looked like Nick Nolte and was packing heat in case "one of dem gang bangers gets jumpy.") we were on our way to stay the night in the great metropolis of Bringam Young's utopian cream dream.

Not my idea of a good time mind you, but it could have been worse...I or my girlfriend could have been airlifted to a hospital as our families desperately sot out donors for various organs.

Cuz I'm Mr. Brightside.

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