Saturday, July 18, 2009

You got something in your Blueteeth! (11.19.06)

I was on a cart collection run the other day at work, and for some reason, when I go on cart runs, my mind goes on some sort of philosophical bend. In light of the Playstation 3 hysteria that has gripped the nation, I began to ponder video games of the future, more specifically, holographic realities, where you can enter an artificial environment and follow people without them getting mad—to learn their story—and it's compelling—not like the mundane existence we all share, where we go to work, watch dumb TV, message fart jokes on myspace, masturbate and dream of alien invasions where ape-like creatures inhabit the Earth's core, waiting for technology to lull us all to sleep, while they wait in the wings to initiate "Operation: Evolution part II" (I'm I the only one that dreams this?)

ANYWAYS, so the future hologram game where you follow people is kinda fucked up—it's like we will be ghosts in this gaming dimension—and who's to say we don't exist in our own gaming dimension--making the existence of ghosts a reality. See what happens when you mix Nietzsche with wine and adventures in modern technology.

Are we the dying dead?

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