Friday, July 3, 2009

This is a Dark Ride (MySpace 5.10.07)

As I watch a boring ass MNF game, I think about ends. The end of the year, the end of stories, the end of innocence, then the end of the day...

There are other ends I ponder, none I will bother you, my dear readers, with. Yet, ends breed new beginnings. And that is on the horizon in the next year. One of my major contentions this year, was battling the unknown--but as '07 closes, I've become more content with the prospects of the unknown.

My thing is this. In my first 30 years, there have been speed bumps, but my resilience has allowed me to overcome the lows and transform them into highs. That is within me. Nothing else matters but that discovery, if you think about it.

Maybe turning 30 had something to do with it. Maybe the intensity of Grad School has too. Shit doesn't bother me like it did when I was 23, or 27. I take it in stride and never let circumstances and people's judgments guide me. I let the force that wills me to take on the day guide me, much stronger than the global sense of dread that seems to have oozed its way into the American subconsciousness in these post 9/11 daze.

Or, perhaps, I know who I am. I know what I like and dislike. I know my strengths and I know my limitations, and I've learned to play more to the former. Whatever happens in 2008 will surprise, yet will be expected, strangely...

Sorry folks, didn't mean to get all sincere. But the end of the year has always been a time of reflection for me. 2007 was a good year--lots of events, lots of characters, and lots of change. 2008, I predict, will be one of these years we will look back on--the year we turned the corner on this collective dread and learn to be functional human beings who have a responsibility to lay the ground work for a generation who will live in the stars...

I am no exception.

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