Saturday, June 19, 2010

Glad He Ate Her (MySpace 12.14.08)

So anyways...I watched the new and improved American Gladiators tonight. Now, I loved the old skool show, it was a dumb extension to the WWF (oxymoron?), but entertaining nonetheless. The thing I like about the new one is that it didn't try to improve on the osky wosky, it just added water.

The new Gladiators are hilarious. There's this guy Wolf who looks like Geezer Butler had he been indited in the Mitchell Report. And the lillywhite champion, Titan--who looks like the all-American Flash Gordon--yet another reason why the terrorists hate us.

It speaks volumes about our Roman-esque culture, letting our guard down so that the barbarians at the gate (Mexico?) can sneak in. Not only that, it perpetuates stereotypes such as brothers can't swim and white trash believe that winning a bunch of money will fix all their white trash problems.

The revolution will not be televised, but the downfall of western civilization will--hosted by none other than the Hulkster and Cassius Clay's baby gurl.

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