Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grey Matter Area (MySpace 11.4.06)

Free will is a joke! And pre-destiny is the lacadazical unconsciousness of my future self that plays me like a video game in a karmatic war of the worlds. The only time I truly feel I have free will is when I don't listen to my conscience voice (the future self manifested)—usually when I'm liquored up on appropriate elixirs of the demons. But usually my conscience voice tells me how stupid my decisions were. Free will exists only when we are inebriated is what I'm trying to say—and your decisions are not really your own. You're either a good person, or a bad person—and only those with this conscience knowledge are a step ahead of those sheep that prance around the farm unaware that they are puppets of the apocalypse.

New Band Name: "Puppets of the Apocalypse"

The smart ones see their strings and know that they can do nothing about this free will dilemma that has perplexed us since early man took psilocybin in damp caves of African winter.

I'm officially giving into my future self—he knows better than father or God.

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