Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bear Butt Plug

Just before bears begin to hibernate they eat a lot of grass and leaves. Substances that don't digest easily. This forms a pulpy mass that lodges in their sphincter in order to prevent them from soiling themself and their nest during the long months of hibernation. In the spring the plug is removed and .... a disgusting part of nature takes its course.

Saddam Hussein was Iraq's buttplug. He was an ugly disgusting thing holding back something even worse. But some people decided that the plug needed to be removed because it was a disgusting thing. And now America has bear shit all over it. With Saddam gone we suddenly found ourselves trying to cram our own soldiers into the breech to stem the flow of excrement. But thats not the way it works. So we sit there trying to cram our soldiers into the hole all the while being covered in more and more effluence.

-user Az from, posted as 2. The bear buttplug analogy (Fri Jan-05-07 07:39 AM)

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