Friday, July 9, 2010

The Spawn of 3 Live Crew.

Boom! Goes the dynamite and LeBron Raymone James is a Miami Heat (goddamn-verb-sport-names-popular-in-the-90's.)

It's over. Quit crying all you midwestern faggots. LBJ was not your friend. He was just pretending to be one of you as his yearning (i.e. his wang) pointed like a metal detecting twig to South Beach as the other two break off their love affairs to get crazy from the heat.

Is there any reason not to believe that these 3 media and NBA darlings masterminded this in Bejing? If so, Kobe egged it on. I bet he did. How sweet will it be to see Heat/Lakers in the 2011 Finals. Could it get any better?

Basketball just got better today. The Heat are going down in flames when the Mamba, Pow and Ron Ron hit the thunder next June.

And we will all be witnesses.
Hello Bahhhbay!

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