Saturday, July 3, 2010

Upgrade Your Grey Matter, Cuz One Day it May Matter (MySpace 4.1.07)

As I was supposed to be watching the Aqua Teen Colon Movie for Theatres (booo Adult Swim!), I reflect on the past instead. I went to visit my buddy/blue collar guru, Carl and his wife Tena. They live in El Dorado, the Three Rivers of Sacramento. We played with his dog, Rat Fink, named after artist/1960's hot rod mogul Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's trademark mascot. Carl was helping work a story out and he retold a story that took all of five minutes to recap. We talked of the past, the present and visions of the future. Carl is my surrogate Sacramento dad and time with him on his property in El D is time away from the city.

To quote Deltron 3030 – "I'm caught in the grips of the city madness."

I go home next weekend, a different kind of escape in avoiding politics with dad and poison the gears in the minds of my nephews Keithan—the robotic duo of death.

Weird things I saw riding bike in El Dorado. A teenage girl smoking a cigarette and chasing her friends with what looked to be a toy version of an AK-47 (here's to hoping it was fake, at least), some bikers going into Red's Bar, some creepy asshole staring at me from the second story of this Victorian house, and a couple militia dudes smoking cigarettes and gulping Bud Light with a hooker they called out from Sparks earlier to be their threesome doll.

The Giants will win the World Series this year. D.A.'s teams on the rise.

I got my propaganda
I got revisionism
I got my violence
In hi-def ultra-realism
All a part of this great nation
I got my fist
I got my plan
I got survivalism

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