Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Blog

I WAS HAPPIER THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here it is. My new blog. I hope this is the bestest blog ever and when mf's look back at what started it all, you'll read this and say, "that mf knew it all along."

I want to keep clean, so I'll abbreviate certain cuss words because girls that I end up kissing say I cuss too much. Why is it that girls you kiss end up telling you your faults? Sooner or later, they do.

But what I wanted to say--or what Jimmy Kimmel said better, is that the new contestants on American Idol look like a bunch of flaccid tapioca people.

That picture of me is from 1986.

Who do you think God calls when the shat hits the fan?

1 comment:

Amanda said...


Nice blog.
Though, when you're ready to get off the b-train, let me know.

It's good for awhile, like a binky or video poker, but eventually it's best to let it go. Well, that was my experience... maybe I'm just projecting.

I kicked it, I know you can too!

Good luck, but if it doesn't work out - I'm here for ya.