Thursday, March 20, 2008

Public Personas

I think we all do it. Lie to ourselves. Our ego demands that we maintain a facade that is uncharacteristic and unreal. We hide behind these public personas to maintain what exactly? A demention that can shatter with just the soft stroke a ball ping. Then the glass shatters and we are exposed, naked. Then what good are we?

I think Frued was a genius--but he should have kept his mouth shut. A lot of what we know works against us. If we could undo the damage of knowledge, couldn't we live better lives? I dunno, it sounds like a nice place to return, when ignorance was bliss and living like the part mammal we are.

There are few times in my life when I shed this persona in question--and to tell the truth, I was happy and fearless--two things I am affraid of being again. Why? I guess I feel like to be truly fearless and happy is unAmerican. I know that sounds cynical, but to me--it's the truth. Think about your life--think about the things you do (or don't do to a larger degree) because you fear the result your mind's eye plays out for you. And say you took that fearless step--is the result ever as bad as the worst case your retarded brain projected. Hardly ever, in my experience.

This is why I blame He-Man. He-Man was like a god in my kid eyes. I remember getting He-Man toys when I turned 5 and I remember watching the show like it was a religion. And growing up in a agnostic household, it kinda was. So you have this pseudo-omnipotence who hides his true self away behind the false shroud of a prince. The Prince is what Adam truly is, but he projects that he is the Man of He--yet that part of his life hidden (although people of Eternia are kinda dumb not to figure out the similarities between Adam and He-Man--how many dudes in the kingdom are rocking the blond Anton Chigurh haircut.) I guess it's the Superman complex told in another way--which is derived from the dilemma of Jesus.

I have know idea what I'm trying to say.

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