Monday, April 14, 2008

Blast from the Past: 6.27.2002

It could be worse, you could be locked away in some third-world prison, competing with the rats for water. But what about life makes it so frustrating sometimes? I have an answer, the human mind. The mind is the most interesting muscle in our biology, it does things, sometimes, without our permission. A good example of that is ending relationship and wanting to move on, when you make up your mind to move on you do and you feel good. Good, until two days later you're deperssed and you miss that person and you go and do something stupid like call them, after you made up your "MIND" to move on. What was my point? Oh yeah, the mind endlessly needs challenges it seems, we don't have to compete with those rats so we venture into arguing about politics, sports, the best beer, the best pick-up trucks (*Chevy*), the best American band, the best way to grout your shower...but I digress. We as Americans need these kinds of challenges to move beyond what isn't challenging us, like finding food, shelter, and a decent night's sleep (although I've been battling that bear of late.) We take our liberties for granted sometimes. So be happy, you're free to do what you want, that is if you're not too scared, but I'll save that for later....

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