Friday, April 18, 2008


Hey Guppies!

Getting the finishing touches spit and polished on my thesis. I'm to that point where I've gone crazy and found myself, waiting for myself on the other side, the whole time saying, "Dude, where the hell have you been?"

It's been two years since I started grad skool and I must say--it has been quite the experience. Not only the work involved, but the relationships I have made with different people who share a common interest. I'll miss skool, but I look forward to what dreams may come afterwards.

Everyone has been asking me--what next? Truth is, I dunno. I like that feeling. It's the way I approach most things in life, especially skool. My old man talked me into junior college when I was unsure of what to do after High Skool. Six years later, my brother was hoisting my leg at Arco Arena (don't ask!). The opportunity to go to grad skool fell in my lap in a swift shot of serendipity when I was bored out of my skull in Omaha--now, I'm here.

Approach life like this. Take a chance--that's what life is for. Don't go through life saying money is the issue. Screw money. These pointless williams of useless federal barter paper is no reason to go about your life by falling back on the excuse of not making yourself better by exploring your deepest interests. Look beyond the constraints of society and find your own personal horizon.

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