Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In Bloom

The majesty of poppies and wildflowers comes in a cycle that makes me think that nature is more in tune with us than we are in tune with it. Let's face it, times have come back around to the tough--and if you know me, that's all you hear me talk about. But I'm not alone in my harsh assessment of reality and what it all means. Others have joined my crusade.

Friends, do yourself a favor and read Anthony Burgess' brilliant "The Wanting Seed." In one of the scenes the main character Tristram tells his history class of how history works in cycles. He names all the cycles and gives it logical zest. I even covered this to larger effect in my master's thesis and it has helped me make more sense of the world. Kinda.

Nature has helped me too. In 1978, the wild flowers bloomed in my hometown Woodlake (Reef?). I don't remember it so much--seeing as I wasn't even a year old. But I saw the many pictures my mom took and it was awesome. In 2008, the wildflowers are back--thirty years later. My mind asks, "A rebirth?"

Perhaps. Perhaps Walt Whitman was right. Perhaps if our generation embraces the future and believes that "this too shall pass," then we can move forward. I know I sound like a neo-hippy--and perhaps I am. The difference being that the neos shower.

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