Saturday, April 5, 2008

On 2012.

A friend at work asked me if I have heard of the date December 21, 2012 and its numerous implications. I told I did and what it meant in layman's terms--the end of the Mayan calendar. She poked and prodded, knowing that I had more ideas than I was sharing. She seemed genuinely intrigued in my unknown hypothesis. I told her about the spectrum of the end of days to a new enlightenment. I told I didn't believe in the prophecy, yet, believed it all the same. She asked me to lunch and we talked more about 2012 and religion.

At lunch, I told her about the "Great Singularity," the idea that out ever expanding technology will become so advanced that it will be able to correct the bugs in the system without the creator's intervention. This might be an analogy for our God. Maybe we were "His" technology. Maybe we correct ourselves and we have no "need" for him. And yet we do all the same.

Terrence McKenna theorized that 2012 would be a new period of the unknown. He even used data to back this up on a graph that showed humanity on a downward spin as we head towards that date. I will find the video and post it later. But McKenna said that we might find out a way to time travel and we'll all go our separate ways--since we are alone in the universe. This is what the television show "Lost" is about, in my opinion.

My mind swims in and out of the realm of 2012. I fear what will happen, if anything--but with fear comes relief--that is a rule of nature I have found. The idea of the apocalypse has roots in religion and is used as a god-fearing tool. I find it hard to believe that it is the end of days, the new enlightenment idea works better with me--an enlightenment that sends us to the stars--beyond the heavens--where we all destined to go--if we be so brave. The rest will remain, on this planet, to pass--as they have all envisioned.

Everything is connected: religion, war, love, death, sex, children, happiness, denial, respect, space/time travel, psychedelic drugs, the police state, hope, fear...

My job in the next four years goes beyond a 401K or planning for the future. The future is now and what lies beyond that is clouded. Personal responsibility--towards our planet and those whom we love and share our lives with should be on our agendas--and with that comes hope. If we ride the wave of hope--it will take care of all of our problems.

Just think of the possibilities and your mind will set you free.

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